Up & Over Doors

Easy - Affordable - Customisable

Up & Over doors, for the most part, are considered the most economical option. Their simple construction combined with ease of use, makes them an ideal solution. With a two-point locking system, rigid metal frame, and anti-drop system built in as standard, security and safety are provided for your garage.

Why Buy?

  1. Low cost and secure

  2. Easy to operate and maintain

  3. Easy to automate

  4. Wide choice of materials and finishes

  5. Guaranteed for up to 10 years

Different Mechanisms

The Canopy Door

This door creates a canopy as it pivots back on two vertical arms into your garage roof. It has a single spring with cables running down either side.

The Retractable Door 

This door fully retracts into the garage on horizontal tracks, A perfect option for automation.

Huge Range

Up & Over doors are the most popular type of door providing the largest range of options. You can choose from various different designs, colours, materials, window options, and additional security-like 4-point locking.



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